Denim Re-vamp

 This is my first DIY post and i am quite excited to show you how i took this denim outfit from bland to glam. My dress was on sales at F&F for 50pence, so even though it looked blaaaah on the rack, i thought why not, i will just bring it to live with some colours. I went to poundland, got a bag of craft stickers for £1 and woolah! my outfit was transform.

 This probably the easiest DIY ever, it takes less than 5minutes and you are good to go. Lets jump right in. What you need

  • Your plain outfit
  • A bag of craft stickers


 Lay your outfit nicely on a clean table / space (iron outfit to avoid creases). Select the stickers you fancy and arrange them on dress until you achieve your desired style. Once done, begin to peel off white protective film behind stick and press firmly against dress at desired positions.


 That's it! you are done done!!  

And guess what ? You can do this with other clothing items. Check out my hat and trainers below.  

I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY. Don't forget to have fun with it and see you next time. Ciao!