Yaaay! cheers to my first post. Am i excited or what ? you bet i am *lol*.
I understand discussing about perfumes can be a little boring, so i will try to keep it short and as interesting as possible.
Today i am blogging about Giorgio Armani's latest fragrance - Si. There are many different updates of the Si, from Si intense, Si Golden Bow to the latest fragrances Si Rose Signature and Si Le Parfum. Today i am focusing on the original fragrance "Si eau de parfum".
This fragrance was launched in 2013 and sincerely for a bottle that cost me £95 this year, i really thought it was more recent, never mind my disappointment when i found out how late i was to the perfume party *lol*. Si eau de parfum has a note of cassis (blackberry bud/leave), modern chypre, and blond wood musk with touches of freesia and May rose.
I tested this bottle over my recent holiday and this is my personal take. The Si original is both intense and soft. A single spray hit me with this sweet but intense woody vanilla smell (maybe a little too much, just so you know), then after a while it totally became a soft and sultry chic scent that lasted all through the day.
So my verdict - this fragrance is totally rich, sweet and sophisticated. The more i use it, the more i detect new notes. So yes and yes, this is definitely my kind of fragrance. I love it!
If you prefer a less intense fragrance, i will advise you to go for the Si Rose. The smell is a lot similar but less fierce, however be advise it does not last as long as the Si eau de parfum.
Thank you for reading. Leave a comment, let me know if you have tried any Si range and what you feel. Don't forget to stay positive and have an fabulous day!
Love always! xo.. #ambermystery
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