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Serving cold shoulder on a hot day

 OMG! Did someone say cold shoulder trend is outdated???..... SIKE!!! *laughs in cardi-b*. This is one trend that has point blank refused to die and is gradually on it way to becoming a classic. The revival of cold shoulder trend went viral in SS17 and is getting better with a fresh take season.     I personally love this trend because i get to show off my amazing structured shoulders *yes, i just blew my own trumpet, please judge*.  On a serious note, i think the shoulder is a striking body feature. Unfortunately, it does not get enough attention, despite the fact that major outcome of our outfits depends on it. Imagine how that slay photo would look if...

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Inspiring women

My bracelet design is called YOU & ME, TOGETHER FOREVER. Inspired by my recent pregnancy loss. This bracelet design represents my transition from a dark place of loss to a brighter place of acceptance and hope. Hence the gradual transitioning of the rubber links from dark to lighter shades while still complimenting one another. Here is the story behind it. We were looking forward to share this great news with our family and friends. We are having a baby. DH said we would go baby shopping in 2 days. How exciting! I had gone into the bathroom to pee when i noticed slight blood stain after wiping. Following reassurance in A&E we went back home. No worries, after all, the...

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Yaaay! cheers to my first post. Am i excited or what ? you bet i am *lol*. I understand discussing about perfumes can be a little boring, so i will try to keep it short and as interesting as possible. Today i am blogging about Giorgio Armani's latest fragrance - Si. There are many different updates of the Si, from Si intense, Si Golden Bow to the latest fragrances Si Rose Signature and Si Le Parfum. Today i am focusing on the original fragrance "Si eau de parfum". This fragrance was launched in 2013 and sincerely for a bottle that cost me £95 this year, i really thought it was more recent, never mind my disappointment when i found out...

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