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Back to the 90's

  Yaaaaas baby, i'm back!!! This is my first post in like forever, and i am coming through with some 90's nostalgia *snapsfinger*. Okay, lets talk vinyl trend for a moment. Hot or a mess? Or just a hot mess? Everybody that knows me, know how much i love colours, so you can imagine my excitement when mr Hubby came through with this Tommy bomber jacket on valentine's day. I have been looking forward to styling it, but truthfully, vinyl was the last thing on my mind. I reckoned i would style my jacket with a dark colour, however when the instagram fashion gawds started to invade my IG feed with some badass vinyl look, i figured it was time...

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A splash of colour

If you know me, then you know i love to wear bright colours and stand out. Never mind that sometimes i end up looking like an amateur home-brewed clown. Anyway, this fashion season has come to agree with me that we all need a lil colour in our wardrobes and our lives in general. S/S 17 fashion shows proclaimed an exuberant pop of vibrant colours. It was bold, it was big. Hey! it was like rainbow on the runway, so beautiful to behold. Can we also talk about the new wave of head to toe floral? Like seriously! a fresh breathe of joy and tranquility from our everyday dark and 'KU-RAaaaY-ZzzyY' lifestyle. The current switch up is so exciting, and...

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